Reminders and notifications in Yahoo Calendar

Let Yahoo Calendar remember important dates and appointments for you by sending reminders to notify you of upcomng events. Set reminders for all events or just specific ones.

Delivery settings

Define your default reminder options for new events.

  1. In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon Graphic of Calendar icon..
  2. Mouse over the Settings icon Image of the Settings icon. | select Calendar Options.
  3. Click Reminders.
  4. Adjust your settings depending on how and when you'd like to be reminded.
  5. Click Save.

Add an event reminder

Add a reminder to a specific event.

  1. Click on an event in the Day, Week, or Month view.
    - A pop-up window with the event's details opens.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select a reminder time from the "Remind" drop-down list.
    - Click + to set an additional reminder.
  4. Select a delivery method:
    • Email
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Mobile/Desktop - You'll be notified via the native notifications system on your mobile device or desktop once you've synced its native calendar with Yahoo Calendar.
  5. Click Save.

Turn off an event reminder

Delete event reminders for a specific event.

  1. Double-click an event to edit it.
  2. From the Remind menu, select No Reminder.
  3. Click Save.