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Add reminders to a Yahoo Calendar event

Don't forget that important date. Create reminders for your Yahoo Calendar events.

About Yahoo Calendar reminders

  • Set 2 separate reminders to notify you anywhere from 5 minutes to 14 days before an event.
  • Receive your reminders via email, instant message, or your device's native notifications system.

Setting up an event reminder

  1. Click on an event in the Day, Week, or Month view.
    - A pop-up window with the event's details opens.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select a reminder time from the "Remind" drop-down list.
    - Click + to set an additional reminder.
  4. Select a delivery method:
    • Email
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Mobile/Desktop - You'll be notified via the native notifications system on your mobile device or desktop once you've synced its native calendar with Yahoo Calendar.
  5. Click Save.

Additional info

If you're using Yahoo Messenger for your reminders, you must:

  • Be signed in to Yahoo Messenger at the time you're scheduled to receive the reminder.
  • Use the same Yahoo ID that you used to set up the reminder.

SMS text message reminders are no longer available.

  • It's no longer possible to set up reminders via SMS text message.
  • SMS text message reminders that were previously set up will no longer function.

  Not getting your reminders? Need to change the email address where you receive them? Our "Not getting my reminders in Yahoo Calendar" help article has all the info.

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