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Change the password for a Facebook/Google/Other OpenID account

You can access several Yahoo services using a Facebook or Google ID in association with OpenID. Once you've created an OpenID, it's easy to change the associated account's password.

Changing the password for an Open ID  account

  1. From any Yahoo site, move your cursor over the Menu icon Gear Icon, then select Account Info.
    - For your security, you'll be asked to sign in again before you can access your "Account Info" page.
  2. Under "Sign-In and Security," select Change your password.
    - The password configuration page will appear.
  3.  Enter the requested password information and select Save.
    - You'll be returned to your "Account Info" page.

Note: If you're unable to sign in to Google, Facebook, or the Open ID service that you chose, you'll need to contact those companies directly for password assistance. For more information on Yahoo's OpenID service, visit our OpenID Help page.

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